Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Semi-slow food

I really love to cook, almost as much as I love to eat. Songbird's recent post about slow food got me remembering graduate school, when I was often home studying in the afternoons and could simmer beans, or some elaborate soup, or chicken curry, for as long as it needed to take. I still cook like that on weekends. However, what I cook during the week falls more into the semi-slow category.

We recently joined a food co-op, and one of its pleasures is coming up with new and creative ways to use up things I probably wouldn't have bought on my own, such as pears (thanks, Milton), beets, and cucumbers. Tonight I picked what was left from the bones of a chicken I braised with pears and rosemary over the weekend (that was slow, and awesome), lightly steamed some co-op squash and broccoli, then opened a jar of alfredo sauce (that's the semi-slow part) and mixed all of the above with spaghetti (yeah, fettucini would have been better, but spaghetti was what I had). The Scientist is not a broccoli fan, but I told him to think of this as Alfredo Primavera, and he was fine with that. :-)

Incidentally, here's a plug for one of my favorite websites. If you love food, check out Chowhound. When I'm not commenting on a RGBP blog, you'll probably find me commenting there. Browse your regional board, and if you like to cook, browse the Home Cooking board. You never know what you'll find.


Songbird said...

Zorra, we totally picked up sushi at Wild Oats for dinner tonight. I feel so dirty! But it could be worse.
When I was a newlywed (six hundred and fifty three years ago), I cooked everything from scratch, right down to soaking the beans overnight that would later be cooked and refried. Then came children...

Quotidian Grace said...

Hoo-ray! I see the blogring on your sidebar!

I appreciate your condolences re: Gretel.

PPB said...

I have been cooking this week, too. Which is EXCEPTIONALLY rare for me.