Sunday, April 25, 2010

a good tired

Spiritual Renewal Weekend is over, and although the turnout was smaller than I had hoped, it went very well. I am worn out, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So many people worked so hard to support this weekend. I confess that for so long I just looked forward to the moment when it would be I can see how the Spirit carried it, the whole time. Why do I ever worry about these things?

The Scientist is at a conference in Florida, where he is giving a talk tomorrow. Last night there was a pirate-themed wedding at the resort where he is staying. Wonder who married the happy couple? And what would he/she say? "Arrrrr, I now pronounce ye sailor and wench"?

Lena spent yesterday at an adoption fair, where two families took a great interest in her. The rescue coordinator told me that one family spent about an hour petting and playing with her. Both families took the coordinator's business card, said they were going home to talk about it, and wanted to be sure Lena would be at the same event next Saturday (she will). Prayers, please!

And prayers, please, for the people who have suffered and lost loved ones and homes to yesterday's tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama, especially in Yazoo City, where my mother graduated from high school. When you are driving through my Delta homeland headed for Jackson, Yazoo City is where the Delta's tabletop suddenly meets rolling hills, lush with kudzu in the spring and summer. There is a cafe in Yazoo City called Stubb's where one can enjoy the best chocolate chess pie on this or any other planet. Jimmy Carter held a town hall meeting at Stubb's during his presidency. Yazoo City is also the home of Willie Morris, whose essays I have enjoyed, and who died the day before my father died (odd thing to remember, I know). I no longer know anyone in Yazoo City, but I feel as if tragedy has befallen a friend.

And I have a great big unbloggable (a good one, which is unusual for unbloggables) on the horizon too!

Six more days until vacation, but until then, everyday life goes on...pardon me now, while I go to find the plunger and unstop one of the toilets, before heading off to session meeting....