Sunday, August 15, 2010

I miss everybody.

Spacehook and blogging are two very different things. I like my job, but I miss having the energy to peruse all the blogs I enjoy, and write long posts myself. I miss being able to do the Friday Five on Friday. Everyone who still comes over here faithfully to check on me, thank you. I miss y'all. I'm fine, I just have to go to bed now. Sleep well, friends.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Agreeing to disagree

A dear friend of thirty-seven years' standing wrote to me of his concern that President Obama "is moving America towards economic ruin in order to establish a socialist regime and eventually a dictatorship". He could not have been more serious.

I am stunned that a person I have known and loved for decades could believe such a thing. These days I don't have the mental energy after work for sustained debate, much less to deconstruct piece by piece all of the proof-texts he sent me from The Audacity of Hope that "prove" Obama is "really" a Muslim (implication: we're all gonna die). I just told him that I believe the President is a brother in Christ and that he seeks God's guidance in one of the hardest jobs on earth. I sent him a couple of pertinent references from (which, I have learned, convinces no one whose mind is already made up).

W. and I have always been able to talk about everything, but it looks like that just changed.