Sunday, October 04, 2009

Angus and Tuesday's Excellent Adventure

Hi! Tuesday here! We had a fun weekend! The Alpha and the Typist brought The Boy and me to see Aunt Zorra and Uncle Scientist! Here we are all ready to go to a place called Galveston. We rode for a long time.

Here I am with my Aunt Zorra. We had fun together.

Finally we stopped and walked around a cemetery. The Boy and I stretched our legs and Uncle Scientist took some pictures.

The Alpha found a thing called a geocache. All of the thumbhavers liked that. But geocaching makes you thirsty.
We walked around by some old buildings on a street called the Strand, where a lot of people were walking and having fun. All of the people thought we were very fine dogs. One man asked if The Boy was a "Callahoochie". Aunt Zorra didn't laugh out loud, but she thought that was very funny.
Then we rode on a big boat that looked just like this!
The Boy and I had to stay in the car. But when we looked up--there was the Typist!
Aunt Zorra sat with us in a park while the other thumbhavers went to see a boat and a submarine. She said she had seen them before and would rather sit with us.
Then the strangest thing happened. We went for another walk and saw some water that chased us! The Boy tried to catch it, but it kept running away.

He said it did NOT taste good.
Then we went to a place where all the thumbhavers ate while we lay next to the table. Everybody had a good time and they were glad they could take us there.
We had a lot of fun. Aunt Zorra said she was very, very happy to have dogs in the house again.
She told us all to come back any time!