Monday, October 02, 2006

A little about Dr. Z

I am a clinical psychologist who mostly does evaluations these days (developmental disabilities, ADHD, assorted stuff). I don't consider myself a "recovering psychotherapist", because I think I probably will go back to doing therapy at some point. However, I have had to put that part of my work aside for now; a couple of years ago I realized that whenever I lay awake at night, I was thinking about my therapy clients. At some point, I realized I had begun to lose the ability to leave my work at the office. So I'm taking a therapist's sabbatical--I don't know how long it will be. I still think I may do something completely different when I grow up.

I probably won't talk much about my work on this blog--not because it isn't important to me, but because, not being a genius, I'm not confident of my ability to adequately disguise my clients' identity. Anyway, I think writing about people I love, church matters, books, music, theology, dogs, and food will be a lot more fun than writing about being a shrink.


don't eat alone said...


I'm right beside you on the Transition Road;I'm glad to share the journey. I've also posted the Brie and pears recipe.


Songbird said...

Hi, Zorra! Welcome to the blogger side of the blogosphere.
You know I love the dog-blogging!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*hugs you tight* I am just so glad you are here!!!

DogBlogger said...

WELCOME, Zorra (and Amie, by extension)!

The Boy and I are thrilled that you have a place on the blogosphere to call home. We're going to add you to the list on my sidebar today!