Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guest blogger: Amie

Yesterday Mama and I walked to the mailbox, just as we usually do at midday, and as she was looking at the mail, a little dog ran up. He wouldn't go away, and I told him to get away from my mama! He wouldn't leave us alone, but followed us all the way to the house! I didn't like that At. All. Mama put me inside with the mail and then went to find him. He was racing up and down the street looking lost. He was so happy to see a kind person! His name was Sam, and he had a phone number on his tag.

Mama put him in the back yard and tried to call his humans, but they weren't home. Meanwhile, Sam didn't like being in our yard. He cried and cried! Mama phoned again, and was very relieved to get ahold of Sam's dad. Sam lives two blocks away, and he is very curious about the world outside his yard. Mama took Sam to meet his dad, who said, "Hey, buddy! Did you have fun?" Sam looked so happy to see his dad again!

Mama says the moral of this story is that I can't go outside without my collar any more, not even in the back yard. That's a pain, but I remember one night when I took a long walk without telling Mama where I was going. (All the humans had just set out their garbage, so I had a lot of sniffing to do. I wasn't lost! I knew where I was.) I was nekkid and nobody would have known where I belonged. When she found me about a block away, she was so relieved she nearly cried.
So everybody, wear your collars!

P.S. Last night I discovered that Sam had peed in MY sweet alyssum! Some nerve!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Amie, this is very good advice. Thank you for posting it. My mama always tells me "Never, never run away." I'm glad you got back with your mama when you ran out nekkid, and I'm glad Sam went back home.

My mama had the vet put something called a computer chip under my skin, just in case I lose my collar. She calls it a backup plan.

Your friend from afar,
Smokey Chatlien

Songbird said...

Dear Amie,
I am glad you helped a dog named Sam. Sam is a good name for a dog. He must have been really scared.
Once I got out of the gate in the back of our house. Some boys came over and forgot to shut it. I went to the front door and waited on the steps. I was just a puppy then. I'm glad my people found me.
Your friend in Maine,

Rev Kim said...

Dear Amie,

You are so nice to help out a canine brother. Guess that makes you kinda like a good Samaritan!

Your canine friend and fellow cattle dog,


Jan said...

Amie, your writing skills amaze us. You have a good sense of humor, as well as kindness to others like us.

Baillie and Cisco

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Amie,
Rev. Kim has a funny sense of humor. Good SAM-aritan. ha ha.

I am not a dog. I am a cat. I spit at collars. Won't wear one. It wouldn't have helped me when I had to hide from a bobcat for more than an hour and my mom thought I was munchmeat. But your mom is right. You need a collar. That way when I meet you I will be able to read your name. ha ha!

I am a funny cat.

The Main Cat
Who spits at collars
(but I never go outdoors)

Anonymous said...

Good job Amie!! Sam is lucky to have a good neighbor like you and your mom!

We wear our collars but mom doesn't like the noisy tags so ours have our names and phone numbers stitched on them. We like that 'cuz we can go "stealth" with the squirrels in the backyard, but we never seem to catch any of them.

Paw Partners,
Genevieve and Johann

DogBlogger said...

I get nekkid at bedtime, but then I get dressed again every morning. One time I busted out of my collar in the back yard, but The Typist went and bought me a new one. Which is okay, because this one goes way better with my fur than the old one did. Oh, and she put rubber rings between my tags so they don't jingle as much.

I'm glad your mama helped little Sam!

Your friend and fellow heeler,
The Boy

Diane said...

Scout says: that Sam has some nerve to pee in your alyssum (whatever that is). But she would like to meet you someday. She likes to escape sometimes, too.