Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Five: Beach Trip

1. Ocean rocks, lake limps? Vice versa? Or "it's all beautiful in its own way"?
Any body of water is fine with me; as a teenager I enjoyed swimming in the oxbow lakes near my home town. But I really love the ocean for the sound of the surf and the breeze off the water, calming my spirit as I walk. If I have enough sunscreen, I can walk the beach for hours just looking for shells, watching the seabirds, and listening to the waves.

2. Year round beach living: Heaven...or the Other Place?
Oh, that would be heaven! Imagine a little cottage on a private beach...with a nice barbecue grill on the deck...and no jellyfish...

3. Any beach plans for this summer?
We had a great time taking Amie to Galveston about a month ago (see above). Alas, I suspect that will be our only beach trip this year.

4. Best beach memory ever?
Only one? That's impossible! Please indulge me as I share a few:
--Sitting under an umbrella on a Cozumel beach with Mid-Life Rookie. All was right with the world that day as we sat enjoying the breeze, admiring our catamaran, and watching some very happy people play volleyball in the sand.
--Another perfect day of snorkeling from a catamaran, sailing along the Na Pali coast on the north shore of Kauai. As we drew close to Hanalei Beach, we jumped off the boat and swam the rest of the way to shore.
--Exploring the rocky Oregon coast with the Scientist, fascinated by the colorful creatures in each small tidepool.
--Our many trips to quiet Point Dume, near Malibu, when we lived in California; gazing up at the mansions on the cliff and wondering which one was Bob Dylan's!

5. Fantasy beach trip?
Back to Hanalei, please Lord, someday!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm with you, sister.

I love the top photo you posted. Last year, we were blessed enough to spend a month in Florida, and it was Smokey's introduction to the beach. Your photo reminds me of that time so much.

P.S. I posted the T Bone story.

Michelle said...

My youngest would echo the "no jellyfish" on the beach of his dreams!

Sally said...

I love your pics too, and Galveston is a great place to go( we used to head there when we lived in Houston), glad you got to enjoy the beach!

Auntie Knickers said...

Loved your pictures and amen on the jellyfish!

Jan said...

I loved the picture of you and Amie on the Galveston beach. I've never been there, which seems a little odd since I live so close, but we already have beaches in Corpus. How fun that you've been to so many different beaches. I love Oregon beaches, too.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Hanalei! I am so there. Let's go.

Singing Owl said...

Wait for meeeee!

Stratoz said...

may many wonderful beach days come into your life

DogBlogger said...

Great play! Thanks for sharing the pic. Sorry I didn't visit sooner -- nasty bug had me in bed for the last 2 days... on the mend now, though.