Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Five: For Just 24 Hours

Poor RevHRod is wondering:

Yesterday I had the 24 hour flu. I had been told by the people who had it first that it really was a twenty-four hour bug. And so while I dealt with all the blech of the flu, I kept reminding myself that morning would come and I would feel a lot better.

This is certainly a strange way to start out a Friday Five but it made me think about what I might like to do if I knew it would only last for 24 hours. There are no reality boundaries to these imaginings. So here are the five things for you to consider...
  1. If you could dramatically change your physical appearance for 24 hours, what would you do? I would re-lose the 17 pounds (and make it 20 this time) I lost three years ago and found again last year! I'm working on it, but it's going to take a lot longer than 24 hours!

  2. If you could live in another place for 24 hours where would you go? I might go back to Portland, Oregon--such a beautiful city. But really, 24 hours isn't long enough to go anywhere.

  3. You get to do somebody else's job for a day...Wouldn't it be fun to run a doggie day care? I wouldn't even mind cleaning up after the dogs--I do that all the time anyway!

  4. Spend the day with another person from anywhere in time and space...I want to be with my dad again. If I could I would go back to the fun-loving dad I remember from my childhood...the one who laughed for joy at family gatherings, who took me fishing and put me to bed at night with funny stories about bullfrogs and growing up on the farm...many years before I could imagine how Alzheimer's would take him away, a little at a time.

  5. A magical power is yours. Which one would you pick? I've seen enough of cancer to know I'd gladly accept the power to cure it, if I could. But the power to heal human heartache is one I would like to have, too.


Presbyterian Gal said...

I'll bet you already have the power to heal human heartache!

And 24 hours is not enough time (except maybe New York), so come to my place and we'll watch movies in our jammies!

Singing Owl said...

LOL at Presby Gal :-D

And #4 made me sad, and also made me realize how lovely it would be to spend a day with my sister years ago, before either of us had a thought of Alzheimers, much less any fear of it.

Alzheimers is despicable...I almost picture it with a face.


Well, the doggie day care was a great idea. Fun! For one day, anyhoe! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great play--I liked Portland, but Eugene was even better. The doggie day care sounds like fun!

RevHRod said...

Your number four makes me yearn to have the power to grant wishes. What a lovely remembrance of your dad. Thank you.

mompriest said...

It would be awesome to heal human heartache....I see a fair amount of it my vocation too - and sometimes I get the acting-out-of-heartache behavior that is sooo unpleasant - so yeah, healing it would be great....

Jan said...

I thought I'd commented, but it's not here. You gave me the thought of wanting to spend time with my mother again--even a minute would be a blessing to me. Curing heartache (and cancer!) would helps us all.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love all of your answers. I love your super power. I know you already have it. ~grins~ Thank you for sharing it with us.