Monday, October 29, 2007

Just wondering

Last night I dreamed that we had added onto our house, and I was overwhelmed with the fact that we now had three kitchens, three living rooms, and two dens. What is that about? What vast resources are available to the Scientist and me that we aren't fully using? What do we need to do with them?

If and when I figure that part out, then I'll grapple with the next part--why the house was attached to a children's hospital...


Jan said...

Being a psychologist, you must know more about dreams than I do! I rarely remember mine, but also haven't been intentional about them either.

Diane said...

hmmm. attached to a children's hospital, you say?

Anonymous said...

Is there some part of your life where you need more space? As for the children's hospital...your guess is probably better than mine :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Most dream analysis books say that houses represent the personal consciousness. Here's some others:

a tidy kitchen: arrival of a friend and/or becoming the mistress of interestng fortunes

General room: you will discover family secrets

Children's "room" means a long trip is coming.

Of course, these are all from my "twinkly" dream books.

Here's my prognostication: Family matters are looming that will seem overwhelming. But you have resources that you are not currently aware of, perhaps from family connections from your childhood.

Madame PG will now retire behind the paisley curtains.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Of I LOVE dreams! I dream a lot and it is always in color. Most times I remember my dreams.

It means that you are hosting a Texas blogger meet up in your home in the near future. Your brain is telling you that your home is really bigger than what you think. And we are going to have a ball and tour the local children's hospital and make them all smile with out quick wit and shining personalities. And there will be no clowns.

Looking for my invite in the mail. *grins*

Quotidian Grace said...

Aren't PG and Mindy the BEST?? Love their comments.

My first thought was "in my
Father's house are many rooms".

Interesting dream.

zorra said...

QG, that was my first thought too.

I love all these comments from all of these sages.

Most of you don't know that I did most of my training in various children's hospitals, included one where I worked for two years and was very happy there. So children's hospitals probably have some significance for me that they might not have for many other people.

Still working on it!

DogBlogger said...

Wow. Interesting dream!

I like PG and Mindy's answers, too.

I'm getting a "serving" vibe out of your description, myself.

Jan said...

Hey, I loved hearing that you got a master's from Trinity! Thanks for coming over to my blog and visiting.