Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guest Blogger: Amie

Hi, everybody! I'm kind of sleepy, but I wanted to tell you about my strange day. This morning mama took me to the vet--that was bad enough, but then they put me on a table and I took a nap! When I woke up, two more teeth were gone! I don't have that many to spare, so I hope I get to keep the ones I have left.

I was so glad to see mama this afternoon. I was really thirsty and hungry when I got home. This evening I've had scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, and pumpkin! Yum!

Mama told my doctor that she thought I would probably feel so much better with those bad teeth gone, it might give me another year I wouldn't have had. He told her that she had already given me several years that I otherwise wouldn't have had. I don't know what a year is, but I am happy for every day I have with mama and daddy. I think they feel the same way about me.

Going back to sleep now....


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You do have a good mama! I hope you are feeling much better when you wake up this morning. And I hope you have MANY more really good years!

Preacher Mom said...

Believe me, another good year (and hopefully a number of good years) with your mom is worth the loss of a couple of teeth. Hope you feel better after a good sleep!

Quotidian Grace said...

Dear Amie,

Get well soon. What is pumpkin? Must go chew something now.

Your friend,
Beatrice the Bold Puppy

DogBlogger said...

Hi Amie! So glad you're home, and that you have such a good mama and daddy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amie,

I remember many years ago also visiting Dr. S and going to sleep. I woke up with my favorite teddy bear toy but was also missing a couple of items. Not teeth, though. Still haven't figured that one out.



Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Amie,

Lucy and I talked it over and we figgered out that a year is a chewy treat! And now you will get more of them, yum yum.

Your mama sounds as nice as ours. And you sound nice too, even though we have nevir nevir seen a doggie.

Most sincerely,
Cally the Main Cat

Songbird said...

Amie, I'm glad to hear you are home. Rest well and heal fully!