Saturday, September 01, 2007

An interview by SpookyRach

1. What is your favorite type of art? Do you have a favorite artist?

I love art glass, fiber arts, and painting. We have a few small glass pieces, including one of Josh Simpson's very cool planets. My favorite fiber artist is Penny Sisto, whose quilts are stunning, like nothing else I've ever seen. A few years ago I was wandering through a Santa Fe gallery, and from two rooms away I saw Morganna. She pulled me all the way across that gallery. I could not stop staring at her face. My favorite painter is Texas artist Kermit Oliver. His paintings are representational, yet filled with myth and symbolism. His still life paintings and studies from nature are deceptively simple at first glance; they are loaded with Oliver's own vocabulary of crucifixion, resurrection, death, transformation. Although none of my favorites seems to be online, you can see some of his work here.

2. What's the worst book you ever had to read? Why did you dislike it?

Algebra II. Need I say more? Seriously, I don't remember ever truly loathing a book I was assigned to read. If I didn't like it, I probably just didn't finish it, got through the assignment somehow, and forgot about it.

3. What is the wierdest thing that ever happened to you?

I have been pondering this for two days. I must not have had much wierdness in my life, because I can't come up with any ghost stories, eerie encounters with strangers, or anything other than the standard "deja vu" experiences (you do know that's a sort of neurological burp or glitch?) that everyone reports.

4. What is your biggest fear and how do you conquer it?

I am very much afraid of being sued (it happens to psychologists and therapists all the time, with or without reason) or called into court to testify for or about a client. I know that seems strange to people who go to court all the time, but if I am ever in court there will be someone there whose job is to make me look like a liar, a fool, or both. I try to dot all my I's and cross all my T's (if it isn't documented on paper, it didn't happen) and I avoid certain high-risk areas of practice such as custody evaluations. I would love to get out of private practice altogether, and have some hopes of doing that by late 2008. The problem is that nobody else in this part of town seems to want to do the type of work that is my speciality, so because I have a niche, it will be hard to completely close my practice.

5. If Mindy and I were stoppin' the towncar at your place, what would you cook us for supper?

Anything you want!! What a day that would be. I have a great "company" meal involving chicken simmered with green grapes, orange zest, honey, and white wine. Also a wonderful spinach lasagna that I adapted from the old Moosewood Cookbook. Or how about my beef/broccoli/red onion stir-fry with yogurt sauce? (WAY better than that sounds) Or maybe, if the weather was nice and we were lazy, beer can chicken on the grill. I would defer to the Scientist if your preference was for fried chicken, CFS, or some really awesome beef enchiladas. When are y'all coming????

Would you like to be interviewed? Let me know in your comment, and I'll come up with some questions for you!


Presbyterian Gal said...

I've had more weirdness than I care to remember. So I'll be happy to share. And I've been sued. More than once. By the same idjit. And I can tell you, it is no walk in the park. You are right to quake so at it.

You and The Scientist most definitely sound like the best host and hostess with your yummy recipes for guest feeding! I'd be tempted to to show up with Rach and Mindy! Don't take up much space. Though I snore like a longshoreman. Even after snoring surgery!!

The Morganna Quilt is just gorgeous.

Songbird said...

Zorra, may I come to dinner, too?
If you would like to interview me, I would love it!

revabi said...

Zorra, never been sued. Don't want to. I fear that even as a Pastor. I have had to go court for clients and it was nasty. I hated it.
I did get out of practice for a variety of reasons, and will be glad to share them with you sometimes. Thinking of you. Good cooking too.

SpookyRach said...

OH, WOW! I love the Josh Simpson work. Thanks for the link. I'd never heard of him before.

The food sounds so good, I think we'll have to park at your house for several days to try it all. I'm way hopeful about the stirfry. It sounds, uh, different! (I, too, snore like a longshoreman, ha ha! PG and I might have to sleep in the doghouse.)

As for court - I've been doing it for 14 years and I still hate it. A lot. The butterflies never go away. And you're right - if it ain't on paper, it never happened.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

And I am totally opposite of you and Rach....I love to testify in Court. Maybe it is because I like being the center of attention???

And I am so not counting WW points if I am eating at your house!!

I already have 10 questions to answer....but I would love it if you would throw a few my way.

Serena said...

Oh, I want to come to dinner too ... and if I stay over night I'll have to be in doghouse with the other snorers! As for court, I'm with you .. avoid it like the plague!