Monday, September 24, 2007

Guest Blogger: Amie

Cub has posted some questions for me! Now, if I can just get up to the keyboard...

1. You are the same breed as The Boy. Can you give me any insight into what goes on in his mind?
...Huh? Oh--sorry. Well, it's just that so much is going on--ow! My ear itches--that sometimes it's hard to--Doorbell!!--I mean, when you try to focus--Look at that cat!
I'm sorry, what was the question?

2. How did you get your name, and do you have a middle name, too, or any nicknames?
Mama named me for an old song she loves, by Pure Prairie League. She sings it to me sometimes. She says that "Amie" means "friend" too, and that fits, because we are best friends forever! I don't have a middle name, but I have some pretty silly nicknames, especially Amie-Boo and Amie-Bamie. Daddy calls me Little Biscuit. Mama used to call me Little Pistol, but she says I've mellowed out a lot and it doesn't suit me any more.

3. You look very happy in your picture! What is it that your thumb-havers do that makes you the happiest?
Well, as you can see in that picture, Mama makes me happy when she plays with me and tells me what a good girl I am! And Daddy makes me very, very happy when he asks, "Do you want to go for a WALK??" I used to run around hee-hawing in my Little Pistol days; I don't do that any more, but I still prance and dance, and jump up and kiss him! Nothing is better than a walk!

4. Same question I asked Cletus: What is one secret of a blissful life that you'd like to share with your thumb-havers? Get out and walk!! Walk more, and it will improve your outlook on life! Or, just go roll in the yard! Like this:

5. Toys that make squeaky noises: yes or no? Explain your answer.
No, I've never been interested in squeaky toys. I don't chew much, but I like hard toys like Galileo bones, when I do chew.

RevGalDogPals or CatPals (or humans, for that matter), would you like to be interviewed by a cattle dog? Here are the rules:
1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave a comment here on my mom's blog saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post with your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
Thanks for reading my post! Maybe I'll do this again sometime!


DogBlogger said...

Wow, Amie -- excellent answers! It was fun to interview you.

The Typist knows that song you were named after. She knows it very well!

I think I'll go roll around in the yard now.


Jan said...

Wonderfully, inventive answers! Thank you for your ingenuity!

Purechristianithink said...

We would be wiling to be interviewed--but it would have to be separately--we don't spend much time in the same room.

Elizabeth the Cat
Balrog the Kitten

Mary Beth said...

Josie and Boudreaux would love to be interviewed, and they could use the same questions...they will probably have different answers to each one, though...


zorra said...

I'll give all four of you my careful consideration!

Bandy said...

Amie, I loved your interview responses! My mom wishes I was as photogenic as you.

Rev Kim said...

Great answers, Amie!

Newman the Catahoula says that he would love to be interviews. He says that he's been feeling neglected lately (though he's not) because we've been so busy, so he would welcome the attention.

Molly said...

Hi, Amie!
I like your answers, especially about rolling in the grass. It's one of my favorite things to do!! Why don't people understand?
Your friend,

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Amie,

You are the same breed as my boss's dog, Buster, who is a wonderful fellow who greets me with smiles. And you are so pretty in the picture where you are rolling and laughing in the grass.

From Cally the Main Cat and Lucy the Best Cat,
We don't know dogs, but you look pretty. We might play with you if you do not eat our fud. Our fud is only ours. (but Lucy will probably hiss at you) (Will not, Cally), (Will too, Lucy)......

Sorry Amie, but these girls argue too much to be interviewed. You, however, are a spotlight star.

zorra said...

PG, you are too kind. If you were here I would jump up and give you a kiss.

Thanks to all of you for reading! That was fun and I'll get started on your interviews ASAP--you too, Newman!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh Amie I love all of your answers! You are a really special girl! I hope I get to meet you someday! AND your Mom!

Deb said...

You may interview me. I'll make my human stop hiding the mouse.

The Shadow Princess

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

You will find here HERE.
Giver of Greenies was back before I could use my own log-in.

The Shadow Princess

P.S. Don't tell her. I want to surprise her.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

I answered your questions here.

Sorry I didn't answer sooner. My human took the computer away for the weekend and then had to play "catch up" so I never got to use it...

The Shadow Princess