Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kitten update

Grisi's babies are nearly seven weeks old, and they are beautiful. As it turned out, four are black and one is a gray tabby like mom. (The little one's fur was so sparse at first, we thought he/she would be gray.) Just before their eyes began to open, she moved them off the patio, and it was nearly three weeks before we saw them again! We moved them back where we could have access to them, and this time she let them stay.

We have done our best to handle them every day and try to socialize them, but several of them are still pretty skittish. We have no way to contain them on the patio, and their favorite hiding place is behind the Coke machine! Since we have not been able to find homes for them, we reluctantly decided that the best thing would be to go ahead and take them to an excellent shelter while they are still young enough for the shelter behaviorists to work with them in a controlled setting and improve their social skills! A few tears were shed around the office this morning when my coworker D. and I managed to corral them in a kitten carrier--and off they went.

Well, D. returned with all five kittens and the report that they are still too small for the shelter to accept them, and probably need another two weeks before they are big enough to go there. Everyone in our office has pets already, but D. is going to foster three of them and my supervisor (who I saw wiping away a tear this morning) is going to foster the other two. What do you bet those foster homes turn into forever homes?

And now our next step is to have Grisi spayed! Think of all the band candy, Girl Scout cookies, and Little League raffle tickets you've had to buy at work over the years. Has anyone in your church or office ever come around collecting for the Kitty Surgery Fund??


Presbyterian Gal said...

Out here in the wild west, the humane society campaigns for money to spay and neuter animals.

Good for you, you dog person, for helping these sweet kitties!! Your property's gonna be rat free for sure!

Singing Owl said...


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

No but M2 gets all the stray cats in her neighborhood fixed so I totally understand. She takes her cats to the vet more then Bebo has EVER been to the doc!

Flutterby said...

If someone came to my house looking for donations for a spay/neuter fund, they would get every last cent I had on hand. And then I would ask who is taking donations for the "Keep your pets indoors" fund. Big peeve of mine! How wonderful of you all to get that one spayed and take care of the babies! I won't mention the neighbors across the street I ratted out for their preggers cat running around the neighborhood. The fine they had to pay would have more than covered getting the freaking thing spayed.