Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mistaken identity

Our happy little home at "123 Blossom Court" is getting a much-needed new roof this week. We are having all the fascia, soffit and gutters replaced too. The past two days have involved the usual round of missing work, waiting around for workers who don't show, etc. Today we left before the carpenters arrived, but had been assured that they were getting supplies and would be there shortly. When I came home for lunch, I found that indeed a three-man crew had been busy all morning, up on extension ladders, pulling down gutters, tearing out the old fascia and soffit.

Around the corner.

At 123 North Blossom Drive.


Now, that house is for sale and unoccupied. The lead carpenter explained to me later that when he realized what they had done, he called the realtor, who then called the homeowner, who agreed that as long as everything was put back in place, he would be a happy camper. All I could do was laugh, and the lead carpenter laughed too. I don't think the other guys were laughing.

When I got home this evening, two men were working away at my house. The third was at the house around the corner, painting the new fascia he had just installed. He still wasn't laughing.


DogBlogger said...

Well, I'm at least smirking, if not laughing outright! I guess now you have a story to share with your eventual new neighbors.

don't eat alone said...

I love roof work because you get to use the words fascia and soffit.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Me? I am so laughing!!

Purechristianithink said...

Too funny. Reminds me of the time my old church got a Big Check from someone's estate. We did not recognize the name of the donor. As we were scratching our heads, the person's obit appeared in the newspaper. Turns out the person was a lifelong member of--not Trinity Presbyterian--Trintiy Episcopal Church. Guess the executor didn't know there was a difference. Yes--we gave the check back.

zorra said...

Y'all are funny. Presbyterian, Episcopal, what's the diff?

Milton, I think "fascia" and "soffit" are really cool words. I confess I looked up both the spelling and the definition of each before I wrote this post. The Scientist is really into Habitat for Humanity, and he tosses off these construction terms so casually, I have to go to the dictionary to keep up with him.

Thanks for laughing along. It was one of those either-laugh-or-cry situations.

revabi said...

Oh my hope all worked out though.
Poor other homeowner, and you for waiting and waiting.