Friday, May 25, 2007

Tuscany looks like this.

Cortona church
Stormy Siena

Terraced hillside, Cortona

Poppies, Cortona. These wonderful red poppies grow wild all over Italy.

Near Greve

Farmhouse, Greve. I like this picture because you can see both the vineyards and the olive trees behind them.
Approaching Castello di Gabbiano winery, where we were treated to a marvelous three-course lunch paired with different vintages of their Chianti Classico.

Overlooking the vineyards at Castello di Gabbiano.

Looking down the hill (north, I think) from San Gimignano.

Can you see the lonely white horse, marooned on a little terraced hillside in Cortona? We walked this way a couple of days later and the horse was still standing in the same spot. This was taken just down the road from Frances Mayes' former home (Under the Tuscan Sun).
We didn't get much of that famous Tuscan sun. Although we had hot, sunny weather everywhere else, it rained at least once every day we were in Tuscany. We didn't care--we were just glad to be there.


Presbyterian Gal said...

The sky! The colors! The pure beauty of it! How did you not go blind with visual joy?

Re: The Cortona poppies: I wish I could grow wild all over Italy......

and Re: the lonely white horse: perhaps that is a FIBERGLASS horse, rather like the fiberglass cows in Mindy's town.

Re: The Castello di Gabbiano winery lunch - I am so green with envy. That must have been grand.

Thank you for sharing your pictures.

zorra said...

PG,I did say out loud at one point, "Why do some parts of the world have so much of the beauty?" I wish I could go back today and take you and all my buddies with me.

Quotidian Grace said...

Great pictures, zorra! Love them. There's nothing quite like Tuscany. I'd love to go back tomorrow.