Saturday, April 25, 2009

BE memories

Coming a bit late to this post...Alas, I forgot my camera, but my memories will last.
*Joyfully meeting up with the DFW-area crew at the airport, where they kindly waited for me to eat lunch, and sympathized when I dropped tomato soup on my white sweater. (It came out.)
*Our shuttle driver, who seemed to be enjoying his passengers, but wasn't quite sure what to think about a van full of lady preachers.
*Sitting in the sun with old friends and new, amid beautiful healthy roses, watched over by a seven-foot statue of St. Francis.
*The joy of seeing RevDrKate so in love.
*The icons in our beautiful worship space, and the joy of worshiping God together there.
*Roaming around Old Town Scottsdale, following RevHoney and the Vicar on the trail of a geocache, then introducing Sue to fresh guacamole at a place called the Salty Senorita!
*Saturday morning with Mid-Life Rookie, walking the trails behind the retreat center, then sitting and gazing out over the desert as we talked. So different from gazing out over the beach at Cozumel, but just as relaxing.
*She thanked me for not mentioning the tarantula I saw, until after it was gone!
*Delving into the "begats" of I Chronicles and rejoicing to discover Sheerah, builder of cities (I Chron. 7:24).
*Singing with Sophia, Mary Beth, and Dogblogger. My longing to sing with the RevGals was satisfied by this, and by the singing we did at our final worship together.
*Hanging out around the bonfire together, then later singing and praying together some more, surrounded by the sounds of the desert night.
*Wil's gorgeous golden vestments, Mary Beth's reading, Mompriest's breaking of the bread: a few mental snapshots from our Sunday worship under the clear morning sky.
And many more...


Songbird said...

Those golden vestments are still on my mind, too! So glad to have seen you again this year, Zorra!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What wonderful things to remember. I am glad that you got to go.

mid-life rookie said...

Thanks! I needed you to remind me of these memories. BE 2.0 kinda got sapped right out of me when I came home to difficult news in the neighborhood. I'm doing better now, and think I should make my own list. T'was a blessing to share salt, walks, and conversation with you.

Sue said...

Amen to all of the above. Such good memories!!! (except perhaps the tarantula part, which I'm not sorry to have missed).

The guacamole - oh. my. goodness. Yum.

Deb said...

thanks for sharing... it's fun to read through your eyes...


revhipchick said...

i love your glimpses of BE 2.0. thanks for sharing!

Stratoz said...

sounds like a marvelous adventure. a blessing.

SingingOwl said...

I'm glad you were there, and so sad that I was not. Enjoyed your list. :-)