Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Five: God Days of Summer

Thanks to dear PG for this cool Friday Five:

1. What is your sweetest summer memory from childhood? Did it involve watermelon or hand cranked ice cream? Or perhaps a teen summer romance. Which stands out for you?
I can't pick one. I remember long summer days roaming the neighborhood with my friend Joy, not coming home until supper time. I also remember going to the swimming pool and getting a big crush on an older boy named Philip (nothing ever came of that, of course). Singing "Under the Bamboo Tree" at camp, and high hilarity around the campfire when a girl got a bit too exuberant and her hot dog flew off the wire hanger on which it was being roasted, and disappeared! I'm laughing now, remembering that. You had to be there.

2. Describe your all time favorite piece of summer clothing. The one thing you could put on in the summer that would seem to insure a cooler, more excellent day.
Shorts and sandals. I remember a blue knit shorts set I enjoyed.

3. What summer food fills your mouth with delight and whose flavor stays happily with you long after eaten?
Wonderful blueberries and strawberries, along with other summer fruits. Cantaloupe and blueberries make a fine fruit salad, all by themselves.

4. Tell us about the summer vacation or holiday that holds your dearest memory.
Again, it's hard to pick just one. But I'm remembering a summer we went to Tacoma for a friend's wedding, then spent several days roaming around Seattle, the San Juan Islands, and Victoria, BC. Everything in Washington was green and lush--so different from summer in southern California, where we were living at the time--and Victoria was clean and neat, with flowers everywhere. I would love to go back to all of those places some day, especially the San Juans.

5. Have you had any experience(s) this summer that has drawn you closer to God or perhaps shown you His wonder in a new way?
A week ago we were hiking in the mountains above Santa Fe, enjoying the firs and aspens. The temperature was in the low 70's. It has probably been thirty years since I've been at an elevation high enough to walk among the aspens.

Bonus question: When it is really hot, humid and uncomfortable, what do you do to refresh and renew body and spirit?
Stay indoors in the AC, and read!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Those trees look like they are straight from a fairy tale! So beautiful. Walking there must have been magical.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Those trees are lovely.

Now I'm longing for nature. (Not that I live in a very urban area.)

Rev Kim said...

Mmm, please pass some of the blueberry & cantalope fruit salad! Beautiful picture - come and visit us and you can walk through aspens all you want!