Friday, December 28, 2007

An "Auld Lang Syne" Friday Five

Singing Owl says:

It is hard to believe, but 2007 is about to be history, and this is our last Friday Five of the year.

With that in mind, share five memorable moments of 2007. These can be happy or sad, profound or silly, good or bad but things that you will remember.

Bonus points for telling us of a "God sighting"-- a moment when the light came through the darkness, a word was spoken, a song sung, laughter rang out, a sermon spoke to you in a new way--whatever you choose, but a moment in 2007 when you sensed Emmanuel, God with us. Or more particularly, you.

1. I could fill this whole meme with memorable moments from our spring trip to Italy. I'll just list a few right here:
--Standing in an olive grove outside Sorrento as the young woman whose family has produced olive oil there for five generations told us about the olive harvest, then showed us her great-grandfather's millstone before contrasting that with their modern production facility.

--Wandering down a side street in Rome, gelato in hand, turning a corner--and there was the Pantheon.
--Walking into St. Peter's, turning right--and there was the Pieta. It is only slightly larger than lifesize, which makes it more powerful than it would be if it were larger.
--A three-course meal at a Tuscan winery, gazing out at the green hills and vineyards as the exquisite food and wine just kept coming.
--Standing on the Accademia bridge in Venice, looking down the Grand Canal toward the domes of Santa Maria della Salute.
I could go on....

2. Celebrating the Scientist's 50th birthday on April 16--our celebration overshadowed by the tragedy that took place at Virginia Tech that day.

3. Celebrating 25 years of marriage in July. Considering how blessed we are, not just in having each other, but in having all of the friends who came to celebrate with us.

4. This year I have enjoyed conducting psychological evaluations of potential candidates for the priesthood, by arrangement with our local Roman Catholic archdiocese. After we had discussed the results of his evaluation, an African seminarian prayed with and for me, asking God to place a "wall of fire" around me and my work.

5. Opening Christmas presents in my mother-in-law's hospital room. She has just had her third spinal surgery. Please pray that this fusion will help to relieve her pain. The Scientist and I have spent a lot of time on the phone since she was abruptly released on Wednesday with no aftercare plans in place--but that's another story. (The home health nurse did come today.)

I can't think of any earthshaking revelations or epiphanies that have been distinct from the daily events I recall. God has been present to me in all of these events, in quiet worship with my friends on Wednesday night and in corporate praise and worship on Sunday; in our everyday life together; in the fact that we can get up on an ordinary day and go to work--and that we have work to go to; in quiet assurance that God still has a plan for my life and is still working within me. I look forward to this New Year and hope that 2008 will be a blessing to all who read these words.


Singing Owl said...

Ooh, praying for MIL.
You did have a wonderful year! :-)
Thanks for sharing some memories.

Rev SS said...

in everyday ordinary events, in getting up to go to work, and that we have work to go to ... AMEN! God is good. Happy New Year to you too.

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mompriest said...

umm, is the "wall of fire" a good thing? It seems like it would be...praying for your MIL, and grateful you had a wonderful year. Many more blessings in 2008!

Barbara B. said...

Italy sounds wonderful, and congrats on 25 years!

Presbyterian Gal said...

I sure loved visiting Italy through your pictures.

Re: MIL, so sorry she's had to go through 3. My mom's only had one, but the bad part was that no aftecare physical therapy was ordered for her. She did not start until more than 8 months after the surgery and after losing a remarkable amount of strength. If her sitch is anything like ours, you have to get proactive with the phys. ther. Prayers that it resolves the pain for her.

Jan said...

Zorra, this seemed to be a momentous year for you! The African seminarian reminded me of Barnabas, the Zambian seminarian who will become a RC Priest next year, so I love his prayer for you. I'm thinking the Fire is the Holy Spirit! So glad you played today.

karlajean said...

thanks for your play...and for writing about the weaving presence of God throughout. prayers for MIL and...your Annie is a doll!

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Diane said...

I loved hearing about your trip to Italy, and my prayers with you re: your mother-in-law.

As you know, my birthday is also april 16.

blessings for a memorable 2008

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love this list. I hope MIL is better!