Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eight more things

I've been tagged again! This time Kievas is the culprit. Here are eight more random factoids about me:
1. I haven't worn tap shoes in over 40 years, but I can still do time steps.
2. I have the following people's autographs: Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, B.J. Thomas, Tonio K (who wrote, "When the shrinks start liking this ****, we're all in trouble"), Randy Stonehill, Jimmy Carter, Sen. John Tower, Temple Grandin, J. Keith Miller, and Horton Foote. I think that's all.
3. I admit that I am powerless over tortilla chips.
4. I would love to buy a piano and start playing again.
5. If God told me, "You can't live below the Mason-Dixon line any more, but you can live anywhere else in the USA that you choose," I would move to Oregon.
6. When I was young, our neighbor was the features photographer for the local paper, and since she occasionally needed a picture of an adorable child playing with pets or enjoying Christmas morning, I wound up on the front page a couple of times. My 15 minutes came and went early.
7. I am left-handed, as is the Scientist. We also come from towns with the same name, though in different states. Obviously this was meant to be.
8. Having grown up in a listless, inactive church (or so it seemed to me then), I thought I wanted nothing more to do with Presbyterianism. In my various sojourns away from the Presbyterian church, I've spent time in: Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, Assemblies of God, Southern Baptist, Evangelical Free Church, Congregational. No one was more surprised than I when my journey finally led me back to my first home.

By now, many of you have been tagged for this one, so I won't double tag you. But I look forward to reading your list!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing!

Oregon seems like a great place to live. I was there many years ago and drove up Highway 101 along the coast.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*squeals* The Monkees!!! I am impressed with the autographs. I have....well I have....

no ones.

Littlemankitty said...

I would happily live in Oregon as well.

PPB said...

Um, that was me.

SpookyRach said...

Can we just get together and start a commune in Oregon? 'Cause if I couldn't live here or in New Mexico, I'm totally going there!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Do you Texans realize how COLD Oregon gets? I mean wet, damp, to the bone cold? There are only two seasons there for goodness' sake!! The rainy season and the 4th of July!!!

Ahem **smooths skirt** now then. Glad you're back in Presby land. I did Missouri Synod too when I was 10. That's where I got baptized.

Singing Owl said...

That is indeed an impressive list of denominations!