Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Five: Dental Edition

In honor of Cheesehead and Reverendmother (get well soon, y'all!):

1. Are you a regular patron of dentists' offices? Or, do you go
a) faithfully, as long as you have insurance, or
b) every few years or so, whether you need it or not, or
c) dentist? what is this "dentist" thing you speak of?

a). Every six months. I inherited cavity-prone teeth and have to be conscientious about this. My dentists are a married couple who are friends of ours from church (in fact, the gentleman and I have served on session together), and despite the purpose of the visit I enjoy seeing and chatting with them--when I'm able to chat, that is.

2. Whatever became of your wisdom teeth?

Nothing. I was born with only two, and they have never attempted to make a move or call attention to themselves in any way. As long as they don't bother me, I won't bother them.

3. Favorite thing to eat that's BAAAAAD for your teeth.

Butterfingers. The crunchy part gets embedded into every little cranny.

4. Ever had oral surgery? Commiserate with me.

Getting a crown, or getting pins inserted into a molar, is as close as I've come, and those procedures were tedious but not excruciating. My dentists have all sorts of whiz-bang diversions for patients, and I usually just put on goggles and watch a movie while they work.

5. "I'd rather have a root canal than ____________."

Testify in court, a common occupational hazard in my line of work. So far I have escaped this nightmare.

Bonus: Does your dentist recommend Trident?

No, but they do give away chip clips that read, "Compliments of ______ and ______, DDS." The Scientist was sarcastically curious about what brand of chips my dentist might recommend!


Sally said...

wow I love the idea of distracting yourself with a such thing at my dentist, a poster on the cieling is about it!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I testify in court and still have my wisdom teeth...*grins* 2 more things that we have in common!

DogBlogger said...

Is the chip clip giveaway some kind of underhanded guilt tactic? I mean, you wouldn't want to put your dentist's chip clip on a big ol' bag of *candy,* would you?

Presbyterian Gal said...

I LOVE that picture from "Little Shop of Horrors"!!!! Where did you find it?

I know what kind of chips your dentist might recommend!! Poker chips!!

Anonymous said...

Chip clips--now that's a new one!

zorra said...

PG, it was either from Yahoo Images or Google Images--lately I've had better luck at Yahoo.

Check out Rhiannon's blog. She posted the whole "dentist" clip!