Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Here's Lena, our foster girl. Isn't she cute? The pictures can't show how soft her fur is, or the way her long tail curls up. (We haven't had a dog with a tail in years!) She is very young and --when she's not feeling shy or unsure of herself--playful and rambunctious! Riley has been doing his grumpy-old-man routine and looking up at me as if to say, "When is she leaving?" Sometimes he grouches at her a little, but nothing serious has gone on. She is responsive and seems willing to leave him alone, but every now and then she gives him a play-bow to say, "Come on, don't you want to play?" He sighs.

Lena is affectionate and happy, but very timid about all of these new experiences. Doorways! Slick floors! Stairs! All of her fleas are gone, but she's been scratching so hard from having had them, that I had to take her for an allergy shot today. The rescue coordinator is having her spayed this weekend.

She has the potential to be a great family dog. I can see her adapting well to a family with gentle older children or teens who will be patient with her timidity and help her gain confidence and security.

Had she not been pulled from the shelter on Sunday night, she would have been euthanized on Monday. We are so glad that didn't happen, and so happy to help this sweet dog find her forever family. I wonder if Riley will miss her after she's gone?